About us

We’re a small team dedicated to making big changes. We’re currently based in beautiful Oakland, CA, and we’re considering initiatives in several US states.




Milan Griffes

Project Director

Milan is the Director of Decriminalization 2020, organizing its strategy & research program.

Milan grew passionate about drug policy reform as he learned about the inequities of the US incarceration system over the last few years. In 2018, he decided to start working on the cause full-time.

Previously, he worked as a research analyst at GiveWell and headed up fraud prevention at Wave.

He blogs at Flight From Perfection.


Marlee Raible

Operations & Qualitative Research

Marlee leads Decriminalization 2020’s qualitative research, in addition to helping manage our operations.

Marlee is committed to improving the US criminal justice system, and understanding how incarceration works across the globe. She spent the last couple of years traveling in Latin America & Australia to learn about their penal systems.

She hosts a podcast about improving our criminal justice systems at Carceral Complex.